Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War MOD APK v2.2.3 (MOD, One Hit)

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ONESOFT is famous for simple gameplay and uses the same mechanism as Space Invaders. This gameplay has been very popular for dozens of years and has been dramatically modified by people. However, it retains its essence and attracts all players to it from the first time. Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War is considered an instrumental version with Thunder Strike (the game was once released by Garena, and supported by many players).

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War MOD APK v2.2.3 (MOD, One Hit)

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War has achieved more than 10 million downloads showing its appeal. From the first contact with the game, players can see that it uses beautiful graphics if compared to other games of the same genre. The theme of the game is the space war, so everything is made with a unified theme. Massive spacecraft always gives you absolute peace of mind. The design of the image it offers is really special, unlike any other product that has ever been widely released.

Enjoy classic space combat – powered up

The player plays the role of a hero who controls the spaceship to fight back against the most dangerous enemies in the galaxy. They are aliens called “Space Invaders” that have taken down many different planets to exploit all kinds of resources. This war, you have no allies at all. You are alone, and you have to deal with many dangerous enemies. Your enemies are extremely large, as they have a whole fleet of giants capable of wiping out a planet within a small moment. However, your ship is also the most potent weapon on Earth today. It contains a piece of evidence that can release endless power. Don’t wait, use it to fight enemies and save the earth from the risk of being destroyed forever.

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Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War MOD APK v2.2.3 (MOD, One Hit)


Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War allows you to control a spaceship with almost unlimited power. Players just need to touch their screen to control its movement. The ship will then be able to fire off powerful bullets, never stopping. This is quite easy for players because it does not require you to coordinate too many moves to fight. The game has nine main Ships and eight sub Ships for you to select and unlock. Combining them will create completely different kinds of power. Besides, Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War also offers a lot of Cards and Skins.

They are reasonable tools for you to customize your weapons, as well as the appearance for your eyes. Before you can afford to confront the giant bosses, you will have to go through the challenges of the mules. Giving them a lot and will regularly drop bombs in unpredictable ways, but with a relatively thin frequency. When you have to deal with a real squeeze, you can see that I have not had a big challenge before. The boss will create rain bullets that will make it impossible for you to avoid it. But don’t worry too much because it will have its own rules. If you quickly learn how they create that rain of bullets, you will be able to bypass extremely small gaps. This is the perfect time to counterattack.

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