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Lady Toss APK is a casual game by BigDog Games. The game’s objective is to toss a man as high as possible by tapping the screen.

The man will keep bouncing off the platforms, and you have to keep him from falling off the edge. Many power-ups can help you in your quest. You can buy them from the in-game store at $3.99 per item.

lady toss mod apk

The game is simple, and there are no complex rules to follow. The controls are also easy to use. It is the perfect game to clear your mind and have some fun.

Fun-Laden Gameplay

The game begins with a small throw of a man from a lady’s arms. However, the man will go higher & higher with each successive tap.

You will play as the lady tossing the man into the air! Your primary assignment is to catch him perfectly to protect him from harm.

In cases when he crashes into the ground, he will incur some damage. However, you can use the in-game store to buy items that will help you protect him.

lady toss mod apk unlimited money

The game’s mechanic is quite simple. It is based on a significantly build lady. When you touch your screen, this lady will raise her hands and throw a man up into the air.

At first, he will not go that high. But as you play and advance in the game, you will be able to upgrade your power. This way, you can make her throw the man even to the galaxy!

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If you raise your arms too early or too late, the man will not be thrown as high. You will have to be very precise with your timing if you want a perfect throw. The delay can even cost you the game.

Unique Features of Lady Toss APK

  • Unlock New Things. You can use the in-game store to buy power-ups to help you in the game. For example, you can unlock more bodybuilders that will appear on the screen. With their help, you can achieve the desired results more quickly!
  • A Rewarding Gameplay. This game lets you gather coins & treasures. The more coins you earn, the more items you can buy from the store. These treasures will help you get better gaming experiences without spending real money on in-app purchases.
  • Appropriate for All Ages. The game does not contain adult-themed or any other inappropriate content. It is ideal for children & adults.
  • Simple Graphics. The graphics of this game are not quite great but they are still attractive. The animations are precise, and the overall look is pleasing.
lady toss mod apk unlimited coins
  • No-Rush Gameplay. This game is not designed for adrenaline-packed sessions. You can play it at your own pace and have fun. Its primary goal is to release tension, not to increase it.
  • Global Leaderboards. The game features global leaderboards. You can check your ranking and compare it with the scores of other players from all around the world.
  • Endless Game Mode. The endless game mode is designed for those who want to play the game for an indefinite period. You will have to keep tossing the man as high as possible.
  • Tablet Support. You can play this game on both smartphones and tablets. It is designed to work with most Android devices using 4.4+ OS.
  • Regular Updates & Bug Fixes. The developers of this game are constantly working on improving it. They release regular updates that add new features and fix any bugs present.
  • Free to Download & Play. Lady Toss APK is free to download and play. However, it contains some in-game items that can be purchased for real money. You can disable this feature in the Google Play Store settings.
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Numerous Customization Options

While this game is simple, it still offers several customization options. For example, you can change the character into Cats, Husky, and Shiba, among other appealing characters.

lady toss mod apk download

You can also modify the outfit of the character. Choose from several options available, including Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and many others.

Moreover, you can personalize the game by changing skins, soundtracks, and backgrounds. The options are endless!

One-Touch Gameplay

The gameplay is designed for one-touch controls. You will not have to use any buttons or keys. Just tap on the screen, and the character will be thrown into the air!

lady toss mod apk latest version

Even though the controls are uncomplicated, they are also intuitive. You will not have to waste any time learning how to play the game. Just start playing, and you will get the hang of it in no time!

Lady Toss MOD APK Download

The Lady Toss MOD APK 2023 is a modified version of the original game. It has been developed by third-party developers, and it is not endorsed by the official developers of the game.

The MOD APK file replaces the original file. As a result, it gives you access to all the features that are normally locked, including:

  • Lady Toss MOD APK Unlimited Money. You will have all the resources you need to buy any in-game item. There is no need to earn coins or make in-app purchases.
lady toss mod apk for android
  • Ads-Free. The Lady Toss MOD APK unlimited coins download comes with an ads-free gaming experience. This way, you will not be interrupted by any pop-ups or banners while playing the game.
  • All Bugs Fixed. The Lady Toss MOD APK for Android is free of bugs or glitches. You will not experience any crashes or freezes while playing the game.
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Lady Toss APK is a fun and addicting game perfect for passing the time. It is also suitable for all ages. The controls are elementary, and the game can be played at your own pace.

The Lady Toss MOD APK provides an even better gaming experience as it comes with unlimited resources and an ad-free interface. Download the file now and start playing!

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